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Charlie Chaplin: The Masquerader (Laurel & Hardy) Color

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Chaplin plays a mischievous version of himself in this splendid comedy. He is first seen in his civilian clothes—and without comedy makeup—entering the Keystone studios. Once he has put on his familiar comedy makeup and Tramp costume, he flirts with two attractive ladies, misses his cue, and twice ruins the scene being filmed. He is eventually replaced and ultimately fired by the director. The crafty Charlie reenters the studio disguised as a charming young woman and is hired at once as a leading lady. Charlie quickly reverts back to his familiar comedy makeup and clothes, reveals his imposture, and is chased about the studio. The film ends with Charlie, having retreated into the studio well, submerged in water and defeated in his masquerade. The Masquerader is the second of three comedies in which Chaplin appears as a woman; the earlier A Busy Day has Chaplin in crude drag playing a shrewish wife; the later A Woman (1915) further develops what he achieved in this comedy: a brilliant transformation to a soft, feminine, and seductive woman. The Masquerader is also one of several Chaplin comedies, like the earlier A Film Johnnie and the later His New Job (1915) and Behind the Screen (1916), set in a motion picture studio.

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