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Larry Semon's A Simple Sap (filmed In The Hal Roach Studios)

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Note: Copyright issues are an important matter to us! We use content that has been licensed. if you feel your copyright is infringened, please send us an email so we can handle this directly. Larry Semon's "A Simple Sap" filmed in the Hal Roach Studios in 1928.

A bumbling grocery-store employee must deal with such job-related problems as a conniving boss, unruly customers, a baby alligator and an escaped lunatic, all of which culminates in a wild melee involving hurled cakes, pies, buckets of jam and bags of flour.

Larry Semon ... It
Betty Amann ... She
Walter Hiers ... He
Jimmy Aubrey ... Uncle Ezra, the Storekeeper
Billy Gilbert ... Grandpa
Edwards Davis ... The Nut

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