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Pardon us - 1931

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Pardon Us is a 1931 film and was the duo's first starring feature-length comedy film, produced by Hal Roach and Stan Laurel, directed by James Parrott, and originally distributed by MGM in 1931.

Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Walter Long, Wilfred Lucas, James Finlayson, Charlie Hall, Tiny Sandford, June Marlowe.

STORY: It is prohibition, and "beer barons" Laurel and Hardy are sent to prison for concocting their own home brew. They are put in a cell with "Tiger" Long, the roughest, toughest and meanest of all inmates. After a prison break, The Boys escape to a cotton plantation, where they hide out undetected, in blackface. They are discovered when they attempt to repair the warden's car, and are sent back to prison. They inadvertently break up a prison riot and the grateful warden issues them a pardon.

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