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Sul set di SHOULD MARRIED MEN GO HOME -- Marzo 1928 - Inedito

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Aggiunto da Alessandro Rossini in Varie
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After posting "On Location with Laurel and Hardy -- March 1928," (during the making of "Should Married Men Go Home"), several people have requested the unedited version of the film also be posted. This is the unedited film. George Mann of the comedic dance act Barto and Mann shot the film or handed his camera to someone else to shoot. I've taken a first cut at identifying individuals in the film below. It's likely I've misidentified individuals in some of the shots. Corrections are welcome as well as the names of individuals I've identified as "Unknown."

Also included in the clip are:

John Aasen (Tall golfer) --

Edgar Kennedy (Golfer with toupee) --

Edna Marion (Blond golf partner) --

Viola Richard (Brunette golf partner) --

Charley Chase --

Roy Randolph. George was a pupil of Roy Randolph, who owned Randolph's La Monica Dance School in Santa Monica, California, probably around 1925. It's likely that it was Randolph who provided access for George to the making of "Should Married Men Go Home?"--

There's more about Barto and Mann here:

George Mann's photography here:

And later in life here:

0:00 - 0:09 Unknown female #1 with scarf; Roy Randolph; unknown female #2 in plaid dress.

0:10 - 0:23 Dorothy Coburn (?) (muddy combatant) in hat; Roy Randolph; unknown female #3 (muddy combatant) with golf club.

0:24 - 0:35 Oliver Hardy strikes Stan Laurel with golf club.

0:36 - 0:42 Stan Laurel.

0:43 - 0:50 Oliver Hardy (and Stan Laurel).

0:51 - 1:01 Viola Richard and George Mann.

1:02 - 1:35 Viola Richard, Edna Marian, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy. Laurel hits Oliver Hardy in chin with golf club.

1:36 - 1:59 Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy & George Mann.

2:00 - 2:12 Dorothy Coburn (?) (muddy combatant) and Viola Richard on Oliver Hardy's shoulders. Roy Randolph assisting.

2:13 - 2:32 Oliver Hardy, John Aasen (very tall golfer) & George Mann. Mann does high kick.

2:33 - 2:38 Stan Laurel and Edgar Kennedy (golfer).

2:39 - 2:45 Dorothy Coburn (?) (muddy combatant).

2:46 - 2:56 Dorothy Coburn (?) (muddy combatant) and Roy Randolph dancing.

2:57 - 3:18 Stan Laurel and Edgar Kennedy (golfer). Kennedy loses toupee.

3:19 - 3:35 Rochelle D'Alolio of the Deno and Rochelle dance team sitting in chair.

3:36 - 3:50 Deno D'Alolio of the Deno and Rochelle dance team in suit; Rochelle D'Alolio of the Deno and Rochelle dance team sitting in chair; unknown male #2 shirtless; Roy Randolph; Dorothy Coburn (?) (muddy combatant) standing; and unknown female #5 sitting.

3:51 - 4:03 Engine.

4:04 - 5:20 George Mann walking through movie set.

5:21 - 5:39 Roy Randolph on set of the S.S. Mirimar.

5:40 - 5:55 Charley Chase and George Mann dancing and hamming together.

5:56 - 6:09 Henry Conner with cat.

6:10 - 6:16 Hal Roach Studios.

6:17 - 6:20 Sign for Laurel-Hardy Comedies.

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