Americani ed inglesi

  1. Tonlustspiel Nr. 1 (Comiche Sonore parte 1) – 1931
    Night Owls; The Go Boom
  2. Wir ind Weder Da (Tonlutspielprogramm Nr. 2) (Siamo di Nuovo Qua – Comiche Sonore Parte2) – 1931
    Come Clean
  3. Zwei im Pech (I Due Sfortunati) – 1931
    Be Big; Laughing Gravy
  4. Save the Ladies! – 1931
    Come Clean; One Good Turn
  5. Héroes de Tachuela (Eroi di Cartone) – 1931
    Helpmates ; Beau Hunks
  6. A Carambolating Piano (Un Pianoforte Ruzzolante) – 1933
    The Music Box;
  7. Thoroughly Married (Sposatissimi) – 1934
    Their First Mistake; Towed in a Hole; Twice Two; (1a edizione)
    Their First Mistake; Pack Up Your Troubles; (2a edizione)
    Busy Bodies; Pack Up Your Troubles (3a edizione)
  8. Why Work (Perché lavorare) – 1935
    Me and My Pal; Busy Bodies; Dirty Work
  9. A Close Shave ( Un’accurata Rasatura) – 1935
    Oliver the Eight; Going Bye Bye; Them Thar Hills
  10. Hot Water (Acqua Calda) – 1935
    Tit for Tat; Live Ghost; The Midnight Patrol
  11. Champion Chumps (Camioni di stupidità) – 1937
    Thicker Than Water; The Fixer Uppers
  12. The Golden Age of Comedy (l’Età d’oro della Comicità) – 1958. Include estratti da:
    Habeas Corpus; The Second Hundred Years; We Faw Down; The Battle of the Century; Double Whoopee; Two Tars; You’re Darn Tootin’
  13. When Comedy Was King (Quando regnava la Comicità) – 1960
    Big Business
  14. Day of Thrills and Laughter (Quei giorni di Emozioni e Risate) – 1961. Include estratti da:
    The Hobo; Say it with Babies – (solo Oliver); Kill or Cure (solo Stan)
  15. Nickelodeon Days (I giorni della vecchia America) – 1962. Raccolta di comiche con il solo Stan.
    Saturday Afternoon; Easy Street; Cops
  16. Thirty Years of Fun (Trent’anni di risate) -1963
    The Lucky Dog
  17. The Big Parade of Comedy (La grande parata di comici della MGM) – 1964
    sketch di Hollywood Party e il balletto in Bonnie Scotland
  18. The Crazy World of Laurel and Hardy (Il Pazzo Mondo di Stanlio e Ollio) – 1965
    Clip da: Going Bye Bye; Thicker Than Water; Beau Hunks; Come Clean; Blockheads; Bacon Grabber; Towed in a Hole; Hog Wild; Chickens come Home; A Perfect Day; Blotto; Swiss Miss; The Musix Box; Leave’em Laughing; The Hoosegow; Way Out West; Busy Bodies; The Bohemian Girl; Any old Port; Dirty Work; Helpmates; Me and My Pal; Our Wife
  19. Laurel and Hardy’s Laughing 20’s (I ridenti anni ’20 di Laurel e Hardy) – 1965
    Clip di: Never the Dames Shall Meet e Snappy Sneezer; Dumb Daddies; Pass The Gravy; Call of the Cuckoos; Fatty’s fatal Fun; Along Came Auntie; Kill or Cure; Thicker Than Water; 45 minutes from Hollywood; Sugar Daddies; Putting Pants on Philip; From Soup to Nuts; Wrong Again; The Finishing Touch; Liberty; Leave’em Laughing; Double Whoopee; Habeas Corpus; The Second Hundred Years; We Faw Down; The Battle of the Century; Double Whoopee; Two Tars; You’re Darn Tootin’; Two Tars
  20. Double Trouble (Doppio Guaio)
    Them Thar Hills; Tit for Tat
  21. The Funniest Man in the World (L’uomo più divertente del mondo) – 1967
    Estratti da: The Hobo (solo Ollio)
  22. The Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy ( Le ultime peripezie di Laurel e Hardy) – 1967
    Estratti da: The Way of All Pants; The Unkissed Man; His Day Out; The Hobo; The Villain; Just Rambling Along; You’re Darn Tootin’; Flying Elephants; Sugar Daddies; Do Detectives Think; The Second Hundred Years; Leave’em Laughing; Habeas Corpus; That’s My Wife; Angora Love; Should Married Men Go Home?; Early to Bed
  23. The Best of Laurel and Hardy (Il Meglio di Laurel e Hardy) -1969
    Estratti di: Night Owls; Below Zero; One Good Turn; The Live Ghost; Pardon Us; Laughing Gravy; Be Big; County Hospital; Our Wife; Their First Mistake; Our Relations
  24. 4 Clowns (i Re della Risata) – 1970
    Clip: Kill or cure; His Day Out; The Hobo; No Man’s Law, Fluttering Hearts; Big Business; Two Tars; Double Whoope; Putting Pants on Philip; Their Purple Moment
  25. Hooray for Hollywood (Urrà per Hollywood) – 1975
    Compilation di varie clip
  26. That’s Entertainment, Part II (Questo è spettacolo, parte II) – 1976
    Clip: The Battle of the Century; We Faw Down; The Second Hundred Years; Habeas Corpus; Leave’em Laughing;
  27. Dance of the Coockoos (La marcetta dei Cu-Cu)- 1982
    Scene da: A Chump at Oxford; Way Out West; Busy Bodies; Unaccustomed as We Are; We Faw Down; Their First Mistake; Blotto; Night Owls; Scram!; Berth Marks; The Live Ghost; Saps at Sea; The Music Box; Pack Your Troubles; Pardon Us; The Second Hundred Years; Liberty; Flying Elephants; The Hoosegow; Another Fine Mess; Me and My Pal; Their Purple Moment; Angora Love; Beau Hunks; Our Relation; Any Old Port; Big Business; The Battle of the Century; Below Zero; Going Bye Bye; Leave’em Laughing; Chicken Come Home; Son of The Desert; Should Married Men Go Home?; Helpmates; Oliver the Eight; Hog Wild; The Finishing Touch; Be Big; That’s My Wife; Thicker Than Water; Putting Pants on Philip; Twice Two; our Wife; On the Loose; Dirty Work; A Perfect Day; Come Clean
  28. The Celluloid Closet (La Celluloide nel cassetto) – 1995
    include: Their First Mistake

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